Occasionally businesses are confronted with major change in its environment, legal framework,

technology or market. At such a time, major restructuring of the people and teams are required.

This is an intervention best performed by an external team, leaving management to perform its role

in what is typically a very stressful time, and end the process without having done a lot of damage to

their relationships internally.

The process starts with aligning the organisational design with the new strategy of the business.

Teams and people that are not part of the new team need to be removed. The process includes

strategic outplacement services, and terminating people’s services in a quick, clean and legally

compliant manner.

It is important that the remaining team see a clear future and feel good about themselves and the

organisation. The way the above process is executed has a major impact. There is also value in the

business committing to personal growth and skills enhancement, aligning their interest with where

the business is going.

  • Outplacement
  • Career
  • Counselling
  • Barriers and Boundaries
  • Safety Valve – external practitioner
  • Succession Planning
  • Crafting new businesses
  • Crafting new partnerships
  • M&A
  • Executive Assignments